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What is the Difference between Commercial & Cochrane House Cleaning?

Updated: Feb 27

With all of the increasing cleaning policies around, and the seemingly never-ending slew of new options popping up, the industry has become a little confusing. For example, What is the difference between commercial and Cochrane House Cleaning cleaning services in Cochrane and other cities?

two people cleaning an office space

Residential cleaning services in Cochrane refer to any cleaning activity in a home. This might include the basics, like vacuuming, dusting and mopping. However, the first step in securing these services is a meeting between the cleaning company and the client. This meeting is crucial as both parties will determine the expectations for cleaning as well as the recurrence of the cleaning activities, and to ensure being the best possible fit for both parties.

On the other side of the cleaning spectrum is commercial cleaning services. These are usually more heavy-duty cleaning activities for companies. Sometimes it may be as simple as regular cleaning in an office building. In other situations, it may be cleaning an entire welding shop regularly.

Again, it is imperative for all decision makers to be present to meet beforehand with the cleaning company; just the same as it is for residential cleaning. This ensures the most accurate services to solve the pain you are experiencing, allows for all questions to be answered in one sitting, and establishes whether we will be the absolute best fit for one another.

Luckily, when you work with Lemon Fresh Cleaning, you don’t have to choose between residential or commercial cleaning services. Instead, you get access to both options with the same company! We have all the equipment and supplies you need to make your space fresh, inviting and most of all, totally spotless! To learn more about your potential cleaning solutions, contact us today!

So Fresh, So Clean! At Lemon Fresh Cleaning, we know what it takes to maintain a healthy business. As the top-end, safety-first, and leading suppliers of cleaning services in Cochrane, we can keep your business clean, safe and fresh, with a customized routine cleaning schedule. We also provide residential cleaning, offering scheduled house cleaning and move in/ move out cleaning services. We are ready to make your home or business in Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas clean and fresh.


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