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Industry-Changing Commercial Cleaning Services in Cochrane 

We hear it all too often "We aren't sure what our current cleaning company is doing".

Yet, somehow it's okay because they were the lowest bid?

Your business isn't saving money when that bottom dollar isn't maintaining your facility.

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Learn what it takes to get your business clean!

Customized Commercial Cleaning

No two offices, retail stores, warehouses, or facilities are the same. So your cleaning shouldn't be either. At Lemon Fresh Cleaning, we customize your commercial cleaning services in Cochrane to get the results you want. We'll take your unique needs and concerns, developing a robust, routine plan that guarantees optimum sanitation and safety for your building and employees. We'll improve employee morale and productivity while helping you make a Lemon Fresh approved first impression! 


Let's Meet!


Let's set a time & day to meet at your convenience. You will share with us your cleaning frustrations. 


With that information, we will then create a customized routine cleaning schedule that works for your business.

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Recurring Cleaning!


Your cleaning and billing will be on an automatic reoccurring schedule. Our trained cleaners will follow your custom cleaning schedule, and make sure your business is well taken care of EVERY clean! 


Sit Back & Relax!

We've got you covered! If you have a current cleaning company, let us take care of the headache! We will even take care of the transition from the previous company!


Cleaner Office, Better Morale, Higher Productivity

Office morale can plummet if employees are expected to clean other people’s waste while working in a dirty, unkempt workplace. That low level of morale turns into lower productivity, increased employee sick days, and negatively affecting your business’ output and sales. By investing in regular cleaning services, you ensure your office is always clean and healthy, making your employees happier and more committed to delivering for your business!



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