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Lemon Fresh Policies 


All Policies are subject to change at the sole discretion of Lemon Fresh Clean Inc.



Delivery of Household items donations (excluding any furniture) is free with your cleaning. 

Please label your items clearly and we will grab them on your scheduled cleaning.



Please be advised that due to the complication of scheduling we can’t always guarantee which cleaner will be cleaning your home. 


Rate Changes

We reserve the right to reevaluate our fees at any given time to stay within the market average. You will be notified of any rate changes 14 days in advance to the change taking place.


Equipment and supplies

We provide vacuum, mops, microfiber cloths & cleaners. If a client would prefer we use their own specific cleansers & supplies, we are able to accommodate that request.


Cleaning Time

Our workdays run from 8 am to 5 pm. We will make every effort to respect your preferred time of the day. However, due to so many variables in the cleaning industry, we can not promise exact arrival time on cleaning day. The time we are present in your home is based on a Per Worker basis, eg. 2 cleaners present for 2 hours = 4 hours total cleaning time. Our billing is performed on a monthly calculation, however, we have multiple clients per day and we do our best to accommodate all within our daily shift schedule.



If you have an alarm system, please be sure that it is turned off on your cleaning day or provide us with a code. 

If we arrive at a scheduled cleaning and we are unable to access your home (ie. no key, alarm set off), there will be no refunds or rescheduling for this clean. We will make every effort to make contact with homeowners, and wait for approximately 30 minutes with “no response” before deeming access denied.


Cancellation of Appointments/ Rescheduling

You may need to reschedule, skip or cancel any of your cleanings, we get it!  We do however require a full 4 days notice. If you choose to cancel or reschedule a cleaning under four days' notice; there will be no refund. Emergencies happen, and we fully understand that they cannot be planned! We do not guarantee rescheduling and reserve all rights for billing on the manor. 


Mildew, Mold, Severe Calcium build-up, etc.

We at LemonFresh are not a restoration company. If we encounter a situation where a surface needs more than a regular cleaning there may be an extra charge or we simply will not be able to make the surface brand new again. We will do our very best to clean it, but we simply don't have a magic wand.


Moving Furniture

You are responsible for making sure your furniture has the proper protection to prevent any damage when cleaners need to move things around. We are not responsible for floor damage. Our cleaners will not move any item that is over 30 lbs for their own safety. If you have an item in your home that is this weight or above, please move it for us so that we can clean around it. It will then become your responsibility to move it back when you arrive home.


We love pets and work with and around many adorable fur-babies. But, if your pet is aggressive we will not work in that situation. Please have your pet locked up and out of any danger if you feel they may act out. We have the right to remove any employee from your home if it becomes unsafe due to your pet. 



Please know that it is NOT our responsibility to handle/clean-up any vomit, blood, or feces that come from any pet or human being. 


We LemonFresh Cleaning reserve any and all rights in regards to safety. If we deem your home to become an unsafe environment, LemonFresh Cleaning has all the rights to remove any and all staff from the home and our cancellation policies may apply. 



Please be advised we only accept major credit cards for our billing process.

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