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What Do Cochrane House Cleaner Charge per Hour?

Updated: Feb 27

The pricing of move-out cleaners, commercial cleaning and Cochrane House Cleaner can vary greatly depending on who you talk to. Not only is there the actual monetary value of the service to consider, but also the output you get for what you pay. Plus, there is the time necessary to do a great job… Think of it this way, if you were charged a nickel and the company did nothing, that is expensive!

Basically, when determining the price of house or move-out cleaners, it is best to acknowledge a few of the factors involved. We explain the more crucial ones below.

three people cleaning a residential home

The Factors of Cochrane House Cleaner Service Hourly Rates

The Scope of the Cleaning

One of the first factors that will affect move out and house cleaner costs is the scope of the cleaning involved. If there are time restraints, large spaces or other difficulties that would make the cleaning harder, the costs will likely be affected.

The Company Performing the Cleaning

The company you choose to perform the cleaning will also influence the hourly rate. Some cleaning companies have greater overhead and therefore higher prices, while others may maintain a small staff and clientele to keep their prices lower. Take heed, however, as those smaller companies or self-employed individuals can potentially come at the cost/risk of no workers insurance should an accident occur, and it falls on you in the settlement!

The Type of Cleaning

Commercial, residential and move-out cleaning services all have different requirements, as do the clients involved. This means assigning the same hourly rate to each service may be difficult. Similarly, if a deep cleaning is necessary, then the time and effort required will increase, as will the cost.

Get Your Hourly Cleaning Rate Today

On average, you can expect fully licensed companies to charge between $40-60 an hour per worker for move out cleaning services. For all regularly scheduled cleanings, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact your preferred cleaning service and request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

So Fresh, So Clean! At Lemon Fresh Cleaning, we know what it takes to maintain a healthy business. As the top-end, safety-first, and leading suppliers of cleaning services in Cochrane, we can keep your business clean, safe and fresh, with a customized routine cleaning schedule. We also provide residential cleaning, offering scheduled house cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning services. We are ready to make your home or business in Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas clean and fresh.


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