Sick Days Are Not The Same Anymore!

Disinfection Services Included with Regular Maintenance For Calgary And Surrounding Area
GBAC Certified
Disinfection and Forensic Cleaning 

with an emphasis on SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19

Today's economy has become somewhat of a bad dream for business owners. How to save money on cleaning, yet provide a level of clean that keeps the business healthy is a huge question many owners struggle to answer.

Losses due to sick days vs losses to paying a cleaner to do the job right


The single biggest pain point we get from business owners is that they aren't happy with their current cleaning company, and often question what they even do. 

So how is that "cheap" price saving you money when your place is still dirty after they clean, and your employees are still getting sick?

We've taken the opportunity to instill our knowledge from the residential world, and adapted it into the commercial sector. 
So what does that mean?
It means, we actually care about clean!! We pay attention to details often forgotten by commercial cleaning companies. The ones you will notice once they've been cleaned for the first time in... you don't know when!

We also ran headfirst into this storm, learning as much as we could about PROPER disinfection techniques and safe products to use!

Don't be fooled by those who just want to "fog" the place like they're killing termites and taking your money! 


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We want your business to thrive!

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money!

Professional Protection 

The core values deeply seated in our business are aimed at keeping your business safe, while not taking advantage of the situation. Keeping businesses at work, and getting businesses back to work is how we are using our skills to do our part to get the community back on track!

Our commitment to you

A professionally disinfected building by Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) certified cleaning technicians, using Health Canada approved disinfectant solutions and proper solution applications to give you peace of mind to safely serve your customers. We go above and beyond to ensure your protection by cleaning our equipment and washing our microfiber cleaning towels in specialized laundry solutions.